New Type 21 Club Website

page35_1Hello and welcome to the new Type 21 Club website launched 11 October 2014 at the annual Plymouth reunion. This new site will eventually  replace our original sites:


The website was switched on by our president Sir Ian pictured here with our webmaster Richie Gough. More news on this new site will be sent to all Type 21 Club shipmates in a newsletter soon.

3 thoughts on “New Type 21 Club Website

  1. Pete O'Sullivan

    Hi Richie,
    Don’t know if I’m being a numpty but how do I get to login to the new web site? Old site works fine for me but New site doesn’t!

  2. Christopher graham Cope

    dear sir
    I was on HMS Alacrity from 1981-84. I left the Navy in 1996 and moved to the USA. How do i join the 21 club. I would like to now how to purchase a Royal Navy Veterans badge, could you help me pleasw

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