2015 HMS Arrow Reunion

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Date(s) - 04/07/2015
13:00 - 23:30

RNA Sunderland Branch


Organised by Julian Mayston.

Pissup in the adopted town of HMS Arrow starting Friday 3 July and then official gathering in the RNA Sunderland Branch from 1pm.

16 thoughts on “2015 HMS Arrow Reunion

  1. Ian (Iddy) Godber Ex CY

    Sorry, as much as I would like to participate, budget and distances are beyond my control.
    I will definitely be there next October and look forward to meeting old shipmates yet again.
    Have a great time.

    1. Clive MSutton

      I am sorry that I am unable to attend the reunion in July of next year . Due to the fact it is to far from Portsmouth and it is also the cost of getting up to Sunderland and the staying for a weekend .
      I was looking forward to seeing ,some of the old crew again. Wish you all the best and enjoy yourselves

    1. Spike Mayston

      Hi David, Not sure if you are on HMS Arrow facebook page if not please join. The reunion is in Sunderland 3rd/4th july. The main event is at the RNA on Roker Road at 13.00 hrs on the saturday. Its an informal get together or some may say a “run ashore” if you catch my drift. A few of us met up 12 years ago in guz and have been meeting up every 2 years since. These reunions are getting bigger and bigger every year. let me know if you would like to come mate you are most welcome. drag your old oppos along and have a great day/weekend of dit spinning and laughter, Spike 07515 367992 spike.mayston.xrn@mail.com (matlot forever haha)

  2. Steve Waites

    I will attend this get together if possible, only live down the road in Hartlepool.
    Built with the Arrow in Glasgow and had great times in Sunderland during initial commissioning.
    Look forward to it.

    1. Suzanne Kenney

      I am trying to find a Ron & Steve that where on this ship and visited the port of palm beach in the late 1970s. They knew my mother Mary and we got to tour the ship while in port. You mailed us gifts ship mugs with Queen Elizabeth and I have a H.M.S. Arrow Christmas card signed by Ron & Steve. Want to find out how you knew my mother …. I don’t know if I can post this here but tracking this information down is limited. And might be very important to me. I could also be looking in the wrong direction for what I am trying to find….

  3. Spike Mayston

    Afternoon fellow 21rs. Its great to see a mench on here about the forthcoming HMS Arrow reunion 1st weekend of July next year at RNA Sunderland. really appreciate the plug. A bunch of us started meeting up who served on her down the greenies and stokers mess under Cmdr Davis and Jeremy 88-91 10 years ago. Had a cracking weekend and consequently meet up every 2 years since with the ‘run ashore’ getting bigger, better and more inclusive to all. Its looking good for an even bigger reunion with bods who have served on HMS Arrow throughout her RN career. just an informal get together, spinning dits and enjoying a glass or three.

    There is another side to this, the Sunderland branch of the RNA is on its knees with committee member dying off and the lack of patronage. The branch are custodians in my view of important memorabilia relating to the Arrow including the cut out section from the funnel bulkhead having sustained damage by cannon fire down the Falklands.

    So there we go, will hopefully see some of you boys next year. Spike, left the Arrow as PO WEM(R) 1991 with no money due to fantastic deployments, have taken with me some of the best experiences of my life and maintained some of the best friendships ever since 🙂

  4. Edward (Ken) Dodd

    Although I now Live in Frodsham near Chester Sunderland is my home town I have booked time off from work and fully intend to be there.

  5. Margaret Ashby

    I served with RAF
    My No1 Son Served on HMS Arrow.
    I was so privilaged yesterday to march past the Cenotaph in London representing the Royal Air Foce, Far East Force,
    I was lucky enough to share a taxi with two Royal Navy Vetarians from Kings X who served on HMS Tiger,
    The FEAF plan next year to attend, can I rrecommend that HMS Arrow should also
    attend .
    Kindest Regards
    Michael Ashby’s Mum (margaret)



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