Crossed the Bar

As you all know, The Type 21 Club Association maintain a ‘Crossed the Bar’ memorial. These are kept on the Type 21 Club Facebook group, the official website and also at each reunion memorial boards are unveiled listing an up to date list of all those up to that particular reunion.

I can now update you all that, after the launch of the new website, the memorial is now up to date on the website also, you can view it here

Please remember, if you hear of a 21er crossing the bar, or you see something on the memorial that needs an amendment, please do not hesitate in letting us know.

Secretary and Welfare

One thought on “Crossed the Bar

  1. Pete Biddlecombe

    Regret to inform that Vic Stephens ARROW 1975-78 CPO (PRI) (later Fleet Chief) passed away 25 Nov 2014.

    If the word can be spread would be appreciated, Anyone wishing to have Funeral Details please contact me by email. (obviously early days but hopefully I will be one of first to know as lives near me in Portsmouth)

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