Remembrance Sunday 2015

By Cliff Cowling (Amazon Rep) – Wreath Coordinator.

Remembrance Day 2015, a dull, cloudy, misty and windy day in Plymouth where many ex T21 er’s gathered at 1030 at the Belvedere Memorial Gardens on the Hoe in remembrance of our fallen comrades. Several wreaths were laid including our own T21 Club wreath at the base of the Ardent/Antelope memorial and respects were paid by young and old seafarers together, the majority being those who survived the sinking of both ships.

Once our private ceremony was complete our gathering joined the remainder of Plymouthians at the 1100 Remembrance Day Ceremony at the top of the Hoe (Prince Michael of Kent being the Guest of Honour).

Simultaneously, around the country and in the Falklands five other T21 Club wreaths were being laid by volunteer members of the club. Those doing the honours;
Garry Douglas at Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Memorial





Buck Buckingham at Chatham.
Richie Gough at the Cenotaph/Garden of Remembrance
Martin Raine at the NMA.
John Hedges on the Falkland Islands.

The 6th wreath laid by myself at the Belvedere T21 Memorial, thus, for the second year running all six venues were represented.

The Club wishes to convey its sincere thanks to those listed volunteer’s in representing the Type21 Club on this very memorable day.