Type 21 Club Cenotaph Parade 2020 – Update

The Remembrance Day Dispersal on Whitehall will this year be reduced to around 2,200 veterans from the normal 10,000 each year. This decision has been taken by the Royal British Legion in consultation with HM Government.

This year marks the Cenotaph’s 100 year anniversary since it was first unveiled & as such the RBL was keen that all Associations be represented. This has meant that each Association has been Allocated just eight members to march at this years Parade.

In consultation with all those who registered for this years Parade, at the time 33 members, I have taken the decision that people who have helped me the most get this years arrangements off the ground should have a place allocated, together with myself. This left 4 places which were drawn from a hat & all of the details were shown on the T21 Facebook page.

The eight people who will represent us at this years Cenotaph will be:

  • Derek Ross – Ambuscade
  • Dave Bouy – Antelope, Arrow & Avenger
  • Graham Day – Ambuscade
  • Michael Ashby – Arrow
  • John Rochford – Ambuscade
  • Paul Weir – Amazon
  • Stuart Ireson – Active & Arrow
  • Dave Ingram – Ambuscade

I am sure we will all represent the Association with pride & honour despite our few numbers.

Derek Ross
Cenotaph Coordinator