The Type 21 Club

Royal Navy Type 21 Frigates were sleek fast ships which served with distinction and were very popular with the crew. Many sailors served on more than one of the class. Referred to as the '21 Club' membership is open to all who served: More Information Here

About the National Memorial Arboretum

Since planting began in 1997, the National Memorial Arboretum has been a special place honouring those who have served, and continue to serve, our nation in many different ways. More Information Here

The Type 21 Frigate

Eight of the class were built from 1971-1975 (in cronological order) HMS AMAZON F169, HMS ANTELOPE F170, HMS ACTIVE F171, HMS AMBUSCADE 172, HMS ARROW 173, HMS ALACRITY F174, HMS ARDENT F184 and HMS AVENGER F185 More Here