Cenotaph Parade 2021

Report from Derek Ross

The Remembrance Day parade at the Cenotaph, this year saw 65, Type 21 Veterans March on parade & all eight of our ships were represented by at least one member of their crews.

On an unusually warm November day, a 5 minute spell of drizzle did not dampen the spirits of those on Parade. However, The usual get together of banter and sea stories on Horseguards prior to assembly on Whitehall was this year sum what curtailed, as many Veterans from all services found that entry through the security point on the mall was a little stressful, meaning many just about making it before dispersal. This is something that I sincerely hope the RBL will address for next year.

Once onto Whitehall our T21 boys could not have represented our Association any better & I am proud & Honoured to lead them out to respect to our fallen hero’s who are still on patrol.
All of our T21 Vets looked very smart, all taking the trouble to conform to the dress code as requested which pleased me greatly.

When we stepped off we had no idea that we would be one of the main features of the parade with the coverage afforded us by the BBC. I know that in commentary that David Dimbleby made an error in calling us the Type 2 Association, however I personally am willing to overlook that. He himself is 83 years old & we all make mistakes

I prefer to focus on the camera footage that the Association had which was excellent, & the remainder of the commentary about us was spot on.

After the March past the Cenotaph we then had the privilege of HRH Prince William taking the salute as we marched back down to Horseguards, again an honour.The banter, the camaraderie, the sense of occasion, the emotion of the day, & the added fact that each & every Veteran, men & women applaud you on & off Parade. Makes this a must do occasion for every veteran at least once in their life.

The Association then gathered in our Adoptive Pub for the last two parades we have done, that being The Porterhouse Covent Garden. They look after us extremely well, providing our buffet & This year we were able to provide a ToT for all Veterans & Families gathered, as we toasted the fallen.
The Porterhouse is also booked in advance for next year, & we were extremely pleased to be able to present them with a framed photo of Ambuscade, to show our appreciation for how they look after us.

I would like to thank all 65 Veterans in the way they conducted themselves & their turnout on parade, & I would also like to thank Dave Buoy, who helped me immensely putting this year’s event together.

Going forward to 2022, I have already had enquiries for new members to march with us. This year I asked for an allocation of 80 and recieved 70. So my intention for next year is to hopefully get an allocation of 100. However this is by no means guaranteed and all down to the allocation team at the RBL.

So please, if you have never marched at the Cenotaph before, please contact me. You will not be disappointed with what is such a wonderful experience & weekend

4 thoughts on “Cenotaph Parade 2021

  1. Polly Perks

    Very well said Derek, and I look forward to meeting up with the lads again next year it is a fantastic day

  2. Roy Dowty

    Watched it all in Memphis TN on BBC1, enjoyed it and proud to be associated with the Type 21 and County Class Associations.
    1968 -1970 on London and 1971- 1975 on Amazon where the highlights of my Naval Career.
    Well done everybody who paraded great turnout.
    I missed Stan Wright who paraded with the HMS Gauges Association but was the 1st CMechM on HMS Amazon.

  3. Stewart Walmsley

    A honour and privilege to have been part of this year’s parade. Much thanks to Derek and David for the organising and the staff at the porterhouse for the food and drink.

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