Interview request for Falklands book

Type 21 in action – Falklands 1982

Mark Wood is writing a book on Falklands War and in particular a chapter on Type 21s.

“To give you a little more detail, my book covers naval operations of the conflict only and is written as a series of ‘stand alone’ chapters, so rather than being a continuous historical narrative, I have focused on each aspect through a particular unit or group.

To clarify, for the Anti-Air Warfare chapter, I have written about the Type 21 class of frigates as they were all there bar Amazon. For sub-sea I have concentrated on Conqueror for obvious reasons and for the ground warfare chapter I decided to focus on 45 Cdo and the Two Sisters battle. I have been fortunate to speak with the 2i/c of 45 Brigadier Van Der Horst and also a troop commander from XRay company but could do with a wider spread from marine through NCO and any further officers. I am at some point also due to interview General Whitehead.

I have also got interviews lined up with Argentinian Mirage pilots, the CO of the submarine San Luis and some Argentine marine/army personnel who took part in the fighting to enable as rounded a perspective as possible. My contact details are which is preferred as there is a lot of correspondence regarding this and helps to keep it organised or if there are any problems my personal email is – I’m also happy to speak via messenger on FB to organise things.”