Alacrity Service History

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From To Details Comments
Sep-94 Launched Yarrows Scotstoun shipyard by Lady McKaig* *wife of ADM Sir Rae mckaig
Apr-77 Commissioned 3rd Frigate Squadron
28/06/77 Silver Jubilee Spithead Portsmouth
1979 1980 World Deployment Visit included Shanghai /Yangtse River
1980 Armilla Patrol Gulf of Oman
1980 NATO exercise Ocean Safari North Atlantic
Jul 81 London (for Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer’s Wedding) Alongside HMS Belfast
Autumn 81 Amsterdam with Arrow, Amazon & Ardent
1982 Falklands war involved in Atlantic Conveyor attack
11th May 82 12th May 82 Carried out first transit of Falkland Sound Sunk 3900 ton Argentine naval transportARA Isla de Los Estados by gunfire This was the only surface naval action during the 1982 war
Sep-82 Armilla Patrol Gulf of Oman
1984 Extended Docking Side Strengthening
1984 Falklands Guardship South Georgia
1985 West Indies Guardship
Mar-86 end 1987 Major refit Devonport 313000 miles steamed
mid 1988 Falklands Guardship
1989 Exercise Northern star around Norway
1989 West Indies Guardship
1990 Falklands Guardship visits to Montevideo in Uruguay, Barbados and Fort Lauderdale.
1992 1993 West Indies Guardship
1994 sold to Pakistan Navy – now PNS Badr