HMS Ambuscade (F172)

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HMS Ambuscade (F172)
[caption id="attachment_261" align="alignright" width="150"]<a href=""><img class="wp-image-261 size-thumbnail" src="" alt="Motto: tempori insidior (I bide my time)" width="150" height="150" /></a> Motto: tempori insidior<br /> (I bide my time)[/caption] HMS Ambuscade was the third Type 21 frigate of the Royal Navy and entered service in August 1975. She was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd, Glasgow,Scotland. She was sold to Pakistan in 1993 and is still in service as the PNS Tariq. <a href="" target="_blank">HMS Ambuscade Association</a> <strong>Commanding Officers</strong> <ul> <li>1974-1976 Cdr Anthony P Harris</li> <li>1976-1977 Cdr Peter C Abbott</li> <li>1977-1980 Cdr Michael P Gretton</li> <li>1980-1982 Cdr Bryan Burns</li> <li>1982-1983 Cdr Peter J Mosse</li> <li>1983-1984 Cdr Anthony J Bolingbroke</li> <li>1984-1987 Cdr John B Harvey</li> <li>1987-1988 Cdr Steve V Mackay</li> <li>1988-1990 Cdr Michael A James</li> <li>1990-1991 Cdr Michael M Knowles</li> <li>1991-1993 Cdr Stephen R Kirby</li> </ul> <strong>Royal Navy Service</strong> Ambuscade took part in the Falklands War and by the mid-1980s was suffering from cracking in her hull. She was taken in for refitting, with a steel plate being welded down each side of the ship. At the same time modifications were made to reduce hull noise. Exocet launchers were also added in 'B' position later on in 1984/5 and 3" launchers relocated to 02 deck midships. In 1983 Ambuscade collided with USS Dale in the Indian Ocean, resulting in part of her bows being torn away. Ambuscade was laid up in Bombay for 6 weeks while a new bow was constructed and fitted.

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