Antelope Service History

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From To Details Comments
1972 Launched Vosper’s woolston Southampton by Lady Kirk
1975 Commissionned (6th Frigate Squadron)
1975 1977 Sea Trials
1977 11-ship Group 5 Deployment to Westen Atlantic led by HMS Tiger Jan-May
1977 Visit to St Nazaire for 30th anniversary of HMS Cambleton WWII raid
1977 Silver Jubilee Spithead Portsmouth 28th June 1977
1978 Belize Guardship & escort to HMS Ark Royal during Caribbean Deployment
1978 Visited Bermuda with HMS Blake
1979 Exercises with Federal German Navy -North European ports visits
1979 Visited Constanta in Rumania with HMS Jupiter
1979 OPorto Portugal Leixões harbour
1980 10 month Refit Devonport
1980 Belize Guardship
1982 One of the first ships to reach the Falklands war area after the Argentinian invasion
23rd May 1982 Sunk in San Carlos water. Antelope recieved two hits from unexploded bombs during an air raid whilst escorting the 1st re-supply convoy. One bomb exploded whilst being defused.
   1,000lb bomb explodes Sad end of a proud ship
A sad end of a proud ship in San Carlos Water Falkland Islands.