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From To Details Comments
1975 Launched Yarrows Scotstoun shipyard Launched by Mrs Judd wife of the Navy Minister
Sea trials and work-up
Jan 1980 Mediterranean Sailed for West Indies and North Atlantic but diverted to Mediterranean for 3 months because of the situation in Afghanistan
1980 5 month Armilla Patrol Gulf of Oman
c1980/ 1981


Belize Guardship/West Indies Guardship During Belize / Guatemala Conflict. During the return to UK there was a problem with the ship cracking in half. We limped home from the middle of the Atlantic. This resulted in all Type 21’s to be subject to refit for hull reinforcement
1981 New Orleans for Christmas/New Year
12th May 1982 Sailed for Falklands Conflict Joined BRISTOL group Ship was in dry dock in Devonport  when the Falklands situation developed and was got ready in very short time.
10th Sept 1982 One of the last ships to return from the Falklands war 30th May Survived Bomb and missile attack with EXETER & CARDIFF. Shot down Skyhawk. Assisted Damaged PLYMOUTH. Involved in Shore Bombardment missions
Sept 1982 Devonport AMP/Leave Capt Hugo White relieved by Captain Peter Woodhead as Capt F4
Oct 1982 Nov 1982 Visit Oporto and Gibraltar for PWO Firings Emergency Docking in Gibraltar to replace Propeller Blade lost off Spain
Dec 1982 Portland OST/Leave
Feb 1983 Armilla Patrol in Company HMS Ambuscade and RFA Pearleaf Ambuscade Collision requires her Docking in Bombay for new bow.
Visit Madras/Exercises with Aussie S/M & Malaysian Frigates in B of Bengal/Visit Singapore/Ex Starfish/ Visit Bangkok supporting Def Sales. Lynx catastrophic ditching off Oman with Capt F onboard. XO in Command
June1983 8th Jul  1983 Ambuscade rejoins off Singapore, both visit Jakarta with RFA Pearleaf and HMNZS Waikato. After exercises all Ships visit Colombo: Capt F rejoins
Aug 1983 Return to Devonport
Devonport AMP/Leave
Gibraltar PWO Firings Capt Peter Woodhead relieved by Captain Bruce Richardson as Capt F4
Nov 1983 Portland OST
Jan 1984 Mar 1984 West Indies Guard Ship
Apr 1984 Jul 1094 docking period in Devonport “GT Stripe” Hull strengthening strip fitted
1985 Mediterranean
1985 South Atlantic Guardship (5 Months)
1986 West Indies Guard Ship St Petersberg Florida for Christmas
Sep 1986 May 1988 Major Refit in Devonport steamed 297656 miles
March 1988 Sea trials
1988 1989 West Indies Guard Ship Totola/Barbados
1991 West Indies Guard Ship
Indian Ocean
1993 South Atlantic Guardship
23 Sep 1994 sold to Pakistan and re-named to PNS Tippu Sultan