Type 21 Cenotaph 2022


Sunday 13th November 2022

21 Club looking great

Cenotaph 2022 Update (19/10/2022)

Here is the full list of those who will be representing the T21 Association at the Cenotaph this year. Please make an effort to conform to the Rig of The Day, it has worked well in previous years & we look very smart as a result.
Full joining instructions will be emailed to all concerned shortly. I would advise you all to be on Horse Guards as early as possible to avoid last years scrum. Don’t forget hip flasks & after the March past we will be assembling at the South African Artillery Memorial on the Mall for a photo opportunity, before heading off to the Porterhouse. I hope everyone enjoys the experience & the day.
Tickets will be released by the RBL over the next couple of weeks

Cenotaph 2022 Update (07/10/22)


Applications for this year’s Cenotaph Parade with the Type 21 Association are now closed.

We were allocated 70 places to march from the Royal British Legion but managed to obtain a further 23 places, bringing our total to 93.

Yet again it is a magnificent turnout by the T21s, who remain one of the largest contingents marching at the Cenotaph

This year again, our buffet reception will be at the Porterhouse Covent Garden, who look after us so wonderfully well.

Tickets will be sent out via E-ticket from the RBL in late October early November

If you wish to march with the Type 21s in 2023 then applications will start in late February early March, look out on the Type 21 Facebook page or on the Website for details nearer the time

Derek Ross

(Out of Area Remembrance Coordinator)