Type 21 Cenotaph 2023


Sunday 12th November 2023

Cenotaph 2023 Updates

From Derek Ross
The Application process is now open for this years Cenotaph, Sunday 12th November 2023. I have applied for 150 places but I will be very surprised if we get that & we will have no chance of getting more allocation later in the year. So the earlier you get your application back to me the better.
This years buffet at the Porterhouse will be Hot Food, Chicken & Vegetable Curries, at a cost of £15 per head which also includes your Tot.
The application will be put on the files section of the Type 21 Facebook page
I have just recently received notification from the RBL, details of this years Cenotaph Parade.
Application forms to march with the Type 21 Association will be put out in the next few weeks..
This year, unlike in previous years we will NOT have the opportunity to get extra tickets in September, of any unused tickets. Something we have relied on before.
This means that the actual allocation that we receive in May, WILL BE IT. Not my fault, so please don’t shoot the messenger.
This year we once again extend a welcome to Crew of Hms Ardent who have marched with us before, but with last year being the Falklands 40th they decided to have a platoon of their own, which was understandable.
Once applications open for the T21s, I will register you, however with confirmation of our allocation not coming from the RBL until end of May, I cannot guarantee your place until then, so the earlier you get your application in to me the better chance you have.
This year I am looking to ask for an allocation of 150 in the hope of getting 125.
Please don’t think that replying to this post gets you your spot. Wait for the applications to come out, but if you want to comment that you intend to march then I will gauge where we are at with the interest shown. As with previous years we will be having a reception back at the Porterhouse, however the venue can only hold 200 of us, so if there is significant interest then we may have to look for an alternative. That however may come at extra cost, something that we need to be mindful of, as the Porterhouse does do us a good deal.